• Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys:

What is a boundary survey or property survey?

  • There is an order to doing a boundary survey.
    Depending on the state a search of the land records is done to verify your
    ownership of the property, the property boundary description, and other
    survey maps on file that may pertain to your lot.
  • In Connecticut and Rhode Island your deeds are on file in the Town Clerks
    Land Records OfficeA boundary survey is a process of determining your property lines and corners.

Who does boundary surveys?

  • Licensed Professional Land Surveyors

Are Civil Engineers Professional Land Surveyors?

  • No, unless they are licensed by the state as a professional land surveyor too.
  • The only state that allows Civil Engineers to practice land surveying without
    having a land surveyors license is California. All other states restrict the
    practice land surveying to those individuals that licensed specifically to
    practice the discipline of land surveying.

What is a surveyor looking for in your deed?

  • The legal description that defines the boundaries of your land you
  • The deeds of your abutting property owners and filed maps that may affect
    where your property lines are located.
  • The surveyor is also is looking for easements or rights of way that may
    cross your property and affect your property interest.

What is an “Encroachment”?

  • A classic example of an encroachment is when your neighbor has his
    shed on your property.
  • Another example is, your neighbor installs a fence along what he thinks
    the property is, only to discover that the fence was installed on your land.

What is a Land Surveyor?

  • A Professional Land Surveyor is a professional who through education,
    experience, and examination is issued a license to practice land surveying within
    the state. The state has a licensing board that evaluates an applicant’s
    education, experience, and character the board will allow the applicant to sit for
    the licensing exam.
  • The licensing exam is very rigorist resulting in a low percentage of applicant’s
    passing and ultimately receiving a license to practice.
  • Most states require a sixteen hour examination.

Why do I need to have a property survey done?

  • To establish on the earth where you actual property lines are (the land you
  • A property survey or (boundary survey) is necessary when there is a dispute with
    your neighbor where you or they believe the property line is.
  • In some towns, a boundary survey is required when before you apply for a
    building permit to construct a new house, garage, shed, or pool.
  • Even though New England is the oldest part of the United States, we have by far
    fewer land surveys done that rest of the states.
  • Many property owners want a fence to enclose their yards. Having a property
    survey done before the fence is installed is always a good idea. Too many
    property owners have found out how painful it is to move a fence after the
    neighbor retained a surveyor because the neighbor believed the fence was on
    their property.