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Dock Permit Preperation

Preparation of Connecticut DEEP, Dock Permit


In the State of Connecticut docks are permitted by Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Long Island Sound Program.  

In the State of Connecticut, there are several permit options; the shorter process typically takes up to 90 days from the time the state determines the application and plans conforms to the shorter review process.  There are times depending on the property and waterway that the shorter permit cannot be done. During those conditions the longer process must be done, requiring a full permit application process that includes a detailed environmental assessment by the state agency.  

The short form for dock permits may be done provided the property and dock meets certain criteria.  An example would be:

Eligibility Criteria for both 4/40 Docks abbreviated:

The property must be residential property and the dock is limited to a maximum depth of -4 feet mean low water or a maximum distance of 40 feet waterward from the mean high water line, including Tie-off piles.

A fixed pier must not be wider than 4 feet wide and typically ends at the mean low water line, where a ramp is connected that provides access to a floating dock that is limited to a maximum of 100 square feet in area.  The area of the ramp can be up to 100 square feet.

The total of fixed dock, ramp, and floating cannot exceed 220 square feet as measured from the mean high water line (waterward).


  • No floating components are allowed TIDAL WETLANDS, the fixed pier must be at least 5 feet above the ground surface to the bottom of joist of the fixed pier.