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FEMA Elevation Certificates

Elevation Certificates

Did you get a letter in the mail stating that without an elevation certificate FEMA would increase your flood insurance premiums every year?

What does it mean? FEMA is requesting this information because they are raising rates to offset losses from storms like Hurricane Sandy and others.

With an elevation certificate you can get an exact quote from a flood insurance agent. Without one, homeowners may face automated increases in their flood insurance premiums of up to 25% per year, which could result in overpayment from what it actually would be.

A surveyor determines whether a house of building is in a flood zone. The significance of that is that your land may be partially in a flood zone, but if the structures may not, then flood insurance is not required.

It’s always in the the homeowners advantage to know if a house is or is not in a flood zone.

The advantage is if the house is not in the flood zone, flood insurance is very inexpensive. Homeowners insurance will not cover anything that may be determined as a flood, regardless of the elevation.

What we, as a surveyor, will determine …

  • whether the house is in a flood zone, based on flood mapping.
  • FEMA wants to know what the lowest elevation is at ground level adjacent to the house.
  • What is the highest elevation at ground level adjacent to the house.
  • Lowest floor elevation inside the house.
  • Elevation of the next highest floor.
  • Lowest elevation of mechanicals (Furnace, A/c, Hot Water Heater, etc.)
  • What flood zone is the property in.
  • Elevation of the flood zone.
  • What flood hazard map is the house located on.
  • Longitude and latitude of the house.
  • What vertical datum ie NAVD 88 (what property owners think of as mean sea level)


With an elevation certificate in hand a homeowner can then explore alternatives that may alleviate some of the costs of flood insurance including but not limited to raising furnaces and installing flood vents. Speak to your flood insurance agent.

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Learn more about elevation certificates at FEMA.gov.